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Give your pal a natural treat with a Chasing Our Tails Smoked Beef Marrow Bone Dog Treat! This tasty bone comes from USA-sourced cattle and offers a naturally hickory smoked flavor. It is made without formaldehyde, preservatives or mold inhibitors, as these products can change the bone's flavor and may eventually lead to health problems for your pet. These smoked treats are the real thing and have a significant amount of marrow that will have your pup drooling with delight!

Key Benefits:


  • Proudly made from USA-sourced cattle for your canine companion.
  • Made without liquid smoke, formaldehyde, preservatives or mold inhibitors because your pup deserves nothing but the best.
  • Contains a significant amount of marrow that your pup will love and are recommended to be fed outside or on an easily cleaned surface.
  • All smoked products are lightly brined and have no other additives or preservatives.
  • Hardwood smoked to 145 degrees, which allows for the destruction of bacteria without compromising the bone or the marrow.

Smoked Beef Marrow Bone Dog Treats

  • Marrow Bones are very hard and could break teeth when chewed aggressively. Always use caution when taking Marrow Bones treats from your dog as they can be overly possessive of this treat! Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat. Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color and appearance may vary—this is normal. You may also notice a natural scent and oil while your pal chews; this natural oil may stain your furniture, carpeting or other surfaces. To prevent injury and choking hazard, please watch your pet while they enjoy this treat and be sure to choose the appropriate size chew. If this product splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately for your pet’s safety

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