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Hi I’m Alex.

More importantly,
this is Charlie.

Since I can remember, the first thing each year on my Christmas & Birthday wish list was a dog. Sadly that wish never came true as a child or teenager.  Like most young adults in Arlington the Boston area, I’ve had my share of rentals that were not pet friendly.  So that delayed my dream of becoming a pet owner even further.  But after college, and finding the right, pet friendly home, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of rescuing a dog, and along came Charlie!  All of that set me on a path that brings me & Charlie to the wonderful Arlington community today!


I often ask myself,
who rescued who?

Charlie is more than just my dog, he is like my child. IYKYK! He’s been by my side through it all, and because of that, I have decided to leave the corporate world and follow my passion of bringing high quality, all natural, handmade treats to dogs like Charlie, and dogs like yours!

The past two years during the pandemic have been eye opening for everyone.   Working from home with Charlie has been such a positive amidst all the negatives, fears & doubts that filled these last two. During this time, I have been baking dog treats and cakes as a hobby of mine out of my home. The more handmade treats I made, the happier Charlie & I were!  When I started selling treats at local craft fairs and farmer's markets, the more I realized Charlie & I may be on to something!  After some talks with my family, friends, co-workers, and of course Charlie, we found a perfect spot in Arlington & Charlie's Barkery was born! 

We are so excited to join the Arlington business community, and the Arlington community itself!  At Charlie's Barkery, we will pride ourselves in being good community members, developing good working relationships with local artisans, vendors, crafters, to bring you and your dog local, healthy products & snack options.


Charlie was a rescue and we look forward to working with and supporting local animal shelters, and to bring all areas dogs human grade, healthy options!  We cannot wait to get started and to meet you and your dogs.  We are super pet friendly, and are excited to become part of you and your dog's weekly routine.  

-Alex Francis

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